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Recently, the name nhì Tu once again caused a stir in the online community. While Chairman Son Tung M-TP was preparing for the comeback activity of “pet chicken” Kay Tran, it was reported that he acted in contrast lớn the “muse” hai Tu when he directly deleted the image. Of her on her Instagram account. The photo that is said to lớn have been deleted by the male singer is the moment when he & Hai Tu smiled at the computer screen with a countdown image of the broadcast time of the MV “We are now”.

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The information that caused a stir in the online community for the past 2 days

The matter still hasn’t calmed down, on the morning of June 18, Sky (Son Tung M-TP’s tín đồ community) simultaneously pushed the hashtag claiming benefits for idols to explain the question that made social netlvs.vnrks a tumultuous again. Specifically, Sky fanpages posted evidence explaining the information that Son Tung M-TP deleted the photo taken with nhì Tu as “fake news”.

Son Tung M-TP’s fan hâm mộ community simultaneously pushed hashtags related khổng lồ the incident

The Sky community also confirmed that the male singer has never posted a photo with hai Tu on his personal Instagram account, but only the “We are now” poster has her image. Accordingly, this image was posted by the original voice of thai Binh on Facebook, not Instagram. Besides, according lớn a report from Social Blade, during the past 1 month, the male singer has not deleted any posts on his personal Instagram. If excluding the possibility that the guy hid this photo, the information that he deleted the photo taken with “pet chicken” is incorrect.

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According khổng lồ a report by the Social Blade site, the number of posts by Son Tung M-TP on his Instagram tài khoản only increased, not deleted.The only photo with the appearance of nhị Tu was posted on his personal page by Son Tung M-TP

Currently, the incident is still causing a stir among netizens with a series of related doubts. However, after the “green tea” drama broke out, although he always chose to lớn be silent, the three names Thieu Bao Tram – Son Tung M-TP – nhị Tu were always interested in và closely watched by the public. If Thieu Bao Tram and Son Tung M-TP had a strong transformation after the love scandal with products that marked the return to the Vietnamese music market, nhì Tu completely “disappeared”. Along with the silence of the management company, the future of the exclusive và unique “muse” khổng lồ the present time of the company held by Son Tung M-TP as Chairman is still a mystery. .


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