Anna Beauty Center Company, Limited (“”) opened its new ” Life quality Beauty Center” in Singapore in May 2019 to give makeup advice for those who have skin concerns such as discoloration including birthmarks & vitiligo, skin unevenness (scars và burns, etc.) and appearance changes due lớn the side effects of cancer treatment. The Life unique Beauty Center promotes activities centering on Ginza, Tokyo, the birthplace of, & is further developing globally with this opening in Singapore, which follows Shanghai, Hong Kong và Taiwan as an overseas base, in a bid to tư vấn people with various skin concerns and fulfill their day-to-day lives.In addition, Singapore will see the release of 12 colors in the Perfect Cover Foundation MV series, featuring five new colors in addition lớn the original seven released in 2017, suited khổng lồ a variety of skin tones. In 2019, formulated its new tlvs.vnorate mission, ”BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD”. As part of the Company’s activities toward the realization of a sustainable society, the Life chất lượng Beauty Center will promote appearance care* for people with skin concerns around the globe based on the spirit of ”serving our customers through beauty & wellness” as a fundamental principle of its tlvs.vnorate activities. *Appearance care: special cover makeup for people with serious skin concerns and appearance changes due khổng lồ the side effects of cancer treatment.

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The beginning of Life quality Makeup has always aimed lớn help realize the beauty of every consumer and enrich their hearts, utilizing its cosmetics research results it has accumulated via both hardware & software since its foundation. In postwar Japan, there were many people who had suffered wartime burns. In response, released “Spots Cover” in 1956 with the intention of healing the hearts of those with serious concerns over such burns and scars. Since then, reflecting its unwavering commitment, has engaged in the improvement of QOL (Quality of Life) through Life chất lượng Makeup, including the “Perfect Cover Foundation” series released in 1995, which naturally covers various skin problems with the application of light giải pháp công nghệ (complementary color).

Singapore Life quality Beauty Center

The Center gives advice on the best suited makeup methods & cosmetic products lớn those suffering from serious skin concerns, offering one-on-one counseling free of charge in a space where the visitor’s privacy is protected. The Perfect Cover Foundation MV series, which is used in providing makeup advice, will be sold at the Center.【 Life chất lượng Beauty Center】 【Location】 182 Cecil Street #15-03 Frasers Tower Singapore 069547【Reservations】 +65 6430 9969 / SLQC

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