My Vietnam Lyrics Pink( P!Nk ) ※ Mojim

Daddy was a soldier he taught me about freedom Peace & all the great things that we takeAdvantage of Once I fed the homeless, I"ll never forget I look upon their faces as I treated them withRespect và This is my Vietnam I"m at war Life keeps on dropping bombs & I keep score Momma was a lunatic, she liked khổng lồ push my buttonsShe said I wasn"t good enough, but I guess IWasn"t trying Never like school that much, they tried lớn teachMe better But I just wasn"t hearing it because I thought IWas already pretty clever và What bởi vì you expect from me? What am I not giving you? What could I vì chưng for you to lớn make me OK in your eyes? This is my Vietnam This is my Vietnam

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My Vietnam Lyrics as written by Linda Perry Alecia Moore

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General Commenti think this song"s about her not being able lớn please the people in her life, even though she feels like she"s already okay.

General Commenti love this tuy nhiên as much as it is possible. We all fight a war internally và our mind subconsciously keeps tabs on it.

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General CommentWhat does this tuy vậy mean??? I don"t understand how all the parts fit together. I lượt thích the intro to lớn the song.
General CommentThis song seems lớn be aimed mostly at her mother, even though she first mentions her father.In a sense, it seems she"s filling in for him; she knows the freedoms taken advantage of, she"s at war, she"s fighting with her mother, etc.All in all, good song.I really lượt thích the symbolic war và bombs.

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General Commenti"m surprised this tuy vậy isn"t as controversial as i thought it would be.sure it"s old, but still. Dear mr. President raised heads immediately.this tuy vậy seems so powerful, maybe it"s just me.this is one of my favourite songs by pink, vocally &"s a piece of fucking art, really.
My InterpretationI agree with Kimface that it"s mainly aimed at her mom. The song is asking what she needs to do to make her mom happy, as her mom never makes her feel like she"s good enough.(I"m going khổng lồ assume the tuy nhiên is auto-biographical)"This is my VietnamI"m at warLife keeps on dropping bombsAnd I keep score"Pink feels lượt thích she"s at war with her mom. Life keeps on "dropping bombs" on her... & she has to try to calmly deal with it... Khổng lồ just keep score. (Although this score has now added up lớn her realising her mom is a lunatic, and writing a tuy vậy about it lớn fight back)"Mama was a lunaticShe liked to lớn push my buttonsShe said I wasn"t good enoughBut I guess I wasn"t trying"The reason for the constant fighting with her mom is that her mom always tried khổng lồ annoy her, và make her angry. Nothing pink did was ever good enough for her mom, and Pink always put this down to lớn not trying hard enough."Never liked school that muchThey tried to teach me betterBut I just wasn"t hearing itBecause I thought I was already pretty clever"The thing her mom would have nagged most about would be school- which Pink didn"t try hard at because she didn"t lượt thích it. School could see she was having problems, but she wasn"t having any of it because she didn"t think she needed their help. "What bởi vì you expect from me?What am I not giving you?What could I bởi for youTo make me okay in your eyes? "She"s asking what she needs to vày to be accepted in her crazy mother"s eyes. Now back khổng lồ the beginning.. "Daddy was a soldierHe taught me about freedomPeace và all the great thingsThat we take advantage of"Her father isn"t around much... He"s a soldier. But one of the things he taught her was freedom. Something she doesn"t have with her mom, as nothing she ever does is good enough for her mom.. She"s always trying to lớn be ok in her mom"s eyes, & so doesn"t feel không tính tiền to just be. Another thing he taught her was peace... Again, she doesn"t have this with her mom, as she"s always "at war" with her. We take advantage of these great things- until we know what it"s like to be without it. Her dad knows what it"s like to be without it, because he"s a soldier. She knows what it"s lượt thích to be without it, because of her mother. But her mother takes advantage of it."Once I fed the homelessI"ll never forgetThe look upon their faces as ITreated them with respect"Because she"s learnt about peace và freedom và respect through her father, & the importance of having them through not having them, she"s able to lớn show it to the homeless.. She"ll never forget the look on their faces... Because, lượt thích her, they"ve never been treated with respect before either.