Yuan hai, the man that uses his hand as a hammer

Established in 2018, Shi Miao Hai’s school “Zhang Qian Kung Fu School” is located northwest of Dengfeng at the foot of the Songshan Mountains in the Shaolin region near the Fawang temple where Shi Miao hai was previously chief instructor. A few steps from the city, the school welcomes throughout the year twenty Chinese and foreign students. In addition lớn the Kung Fu Shaolin disciplines, the school offers introductory courses in Mandarin Chinese & calligraphy. Find all the useful information about Shi Miao Hai’s school in the sections below.

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Shi Miao Hai, whose civilian name is Zhang Qian, is a 36th generation instructor of shaolin kung fu. After spending much of his life learning Kung Fu at Fawang Temple in China, he became its head instructor for nearly 10 years.

Shi Miao nhì values sharing, exchange & generosity. It is in this spirit & in order to enjoy greater autonomy in his choices that Zhang Qian decides, in 2018, khổng lồ leave his fonctions at the Fawang temple to open his own school.

Today, Shi Miao nhị intends to transmit his knowledge according khổng lồ his principles and give his students all his consideration, whatever their situation may be; only their motivation và their desire to lớn surpass themselves counts in his eyes.

After teaching Shaolin Kung Fu lớn many foreigners, whether at the Fawang temple in đài loan trung quốc or in Europe, Shi Miao nhị realized that most of his foreign students also enjoyed Chinese culture. With this in mind, he decided, in addition to lớn the Chinese martial arts, to transmit lớn all his students the basics of Chinese culture. For two half-days a week, students are introduced lớn calligraphy & Mandarin Chinese. This may seem distant from martial arts at first… but it is complementary.

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This school particularity is lớn adapt its teachings lớn the needs & objectives of each one, regardless of gender, age and level. You can learn Shaolin Kung Fu there, which involves learning different kicks, punches, basic positions, Taolu with và without weapons, flexibility, reinforcement, acrobatics etc … You can also work on combat via the Chinese wrestling, Sanda và Self Defense, but also internal Chinese martial arts và breathing work with Qi-Gong, meditation & Taiji Quan.

The school receives an average of thirty students (depending on the period), half of them are young Chinese & the half are foreigners. The small number of students makes the atmosphere particularly family-friendly; the perfect opportunity to get lớn know each other. Les élèves étrangers sont toujours accueillis chaleureusement par les jeunes chinois, souvent très intéressés à l’idée de découvrir notre mode de vie occidental, nos habitudes, nos loisirs.

Before entering the Kung Fu school, some Chinese children had never met foreigners. For them, it is a real chance to train, exchange and have fun with us. It is moreover likely that you will manage lớn forge strong ties with them. Despite the language barrier, instructors are good enough to lớn understand & make themselves understood, don’t hesitate khổng lồ take time between workouts lớn exchange & start discussions. Translation applications can help you at first, then use the vocabulary learned during Chinese lessons.

These ties that we have with Chinese students are very important lớn Shi Miao Hai, giving them different life goals and openings so that they can build a state of mind và gain autonomy.

Cher-e-s visiteurs, vous êtes nombreus-e-s à nous solliciter pour votre projet de partir en Chine apprendre le Kung Fu. En raison de la crise sanitaire, l’école de Maître Zhang (Shi Miao Hai) est temporairement fermée. Comme vous, nous espérons que la situation reviendra rapidement à la normale, sans savoir quand. Vous serez informés de la réouverture de l’école via notre page facebook.
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