Learn More About The cute Triplets’ Activities & See Their Recent Photos

Song Il-gook is a South Korean actor who is best known as the father of lovable triplets, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. Tuy vậy Il-gook came from generations of famous Korean politicians, from his great grandfather to lớn his mother. Song Il-gook married a high court judge, Jung Seung-yeon, on March 15, 2008.

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On March 16, 2012, the couple became the parents of famous triplet sons, tuy vậy Dae-han, tuy nhiên Min-Guk, and tuy nhiên Man-se. The three Songs starred in the popular variety show, KBS’s The Return of Superman from July 6, 2014, lớn February 7, 2016. The triplets cuteness and lovable personalities brought worldwide attention, especially in Asian countries. Let’s read more about the dễ thương triplets lives now. Stay tuned!



An mạng internet source did some research and claimed that song Il-gook’s triplets made a whopping $4.26 million in 2015. The triplets were everywhere in Korea, from television shows to lớn commercial advertisements. They were the fifth most popular celebrities in terms of advertisement. They appeared in a total 11 advertisements, for products ranging from fruit juice lớn health care products.

Move khổng lồ France


Song Il-gook và his family moved to France as soon as their contract in The Return of Superman ended. His wife, who is a judge, took a year of training overseas in France và the triplets went with their mother. Song Il-gook had to travel between France & Korea for his acting projects. They spent 24 hours a day together, something which was a rarity during their life in Korea. Tuy nhiên Il-gook said that they enjoyed all the happy and sad moments together in Paris.

Regarding his relationship with his wife, he said that he always lost during arguments because, by losing khổng lồ his wife, he was winning the family. He got khổng lồ know his wife more during their stay in France and they were able khổng lồ come lớn understand each other better. About his long break from acting, he said that maybe it was a bad thing for his career but it was worth the time he spent with his precious family.

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Going Through Racism


Song Il-gook confessed to lớn a reporter during an interview about the racist treatment they were subjected lớn when living in France. He said that some people cursed & said bad things khổng lồ them directly because their Asian appearance. The worst racist treatment they experienced was when some people threw bottles with urine at them. At the time, the triplets were playing in the playground and tuy vậy Il-gook was watching over them. He got angry at the people who did it và cursed them as much as he could.

Song Il-gook said that he didn’t regret his decision to lớn bring the triplets to France. He explained that it was a good thing for the triplets khổng lồ stay away from the spotlight for a while & live a normal life. Although they were born on the same day, & from the same tummy, they developed different characters & personalities. Each of them has their own energy and interests. To make matter harder, each of the triplets were sleeping in a different room and were doing different school work.

Having Fun In France


Song Il-gook and family moved to lớn France at the over of 2017. The family enjoyed their stay khổng lồ the fullest. Through tuy nhiên Il-gook’s Instagram account, we can see that the triplets traveled around France and Europe.

In France, they visited Chateu d’Amboise, a favorite royal residence of the French Monarchy, và Leonardo domain authority Vinci’s tomb. The boys also went to lớn the Dune of Pillat, the tallest sand dune in Europe, located in Bordeaux, France.